Half day and full day trips by Bus

Offer: You choose from the following topics.


Duration: We can plan trips to suit your needs. day 4 hours, Full day 8 hours
Language: German
Groups: of up to 50 people


Half day 4 hours 90 euros
Full Day 8 hours 180 Euros



1. Adonis roses and historic monuments

The Oder hills with its crowfoot plants at the »Landeslehrsttte« (county teaching facility) for nature preservation and landscape gardening is the starting point for a tour into the history of the landscape. The river countryside, mill ruins, rare relicts of ancient roads, fortified walls of the bronze age and the early Middle Ages. Bishops seat, traces and archaeological relicts of the Second World War, historical river crossings. This tour is interesting all year round not only during the blossoming of the Adonis roses.



2. The Oder countryside with Theodor Fontane

The professional tourist, the real traveller, the one who does not have any other aim, but to get to know country and people will realise with Theodor Fontane, that at the shores of the river Oder, there are many towns and rich villages, which invite you to visit and even if myths and legends are quiet that history speaks louder and clearer in this ...
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3. Biosphere Reservoir Schorfheide, Chorin and the National Park of the Lower Oder Valley. Technical Monuments and Cultural History

The ship hoist in Niederfinow a unique memorial of transport history of navigation. Chorin Abbey characteristic brick gothic building, National Park of the Lower Oder Valley, a tour with a charabanc, Stolpe at the Oder, strongest fortified medieval tower in Germany.



4. Countryside between the rivers Spree and Oder (I)

Beeskow: old town and a castle on an island in the Spree river. Abbey Neuzelle: pearl of South German/Bohemian baroque in eastern Brandenburg. Visit to the »Schnaps« distillery or the abbeys brewery including refreshments. Visit to the nature reserve of the Schlaubetal, the nicest »Bachtal« (lit. brook valley) in Brandenburg / a leisurely walk along the romantic Hammer Lake or Treppel Lake / Afternoon tea in one of the Cafs in the nature reserve.



5. Countryside between the rivers Spree and Oder (II)

Beeskow: old town and a castle on an island in the Spree river. Abbey Neuzelle: pearl of South German/Bohemian baroque in eastern Brandenburg. Visit to the »Schnaps« distillery or the abbeys brewery with refreshments. Boats tour on the river Oder.



6. The history of the Oder countryside does not just begin with the Alte Fritz.

The Oderburch (lit. Oder marsh) is the part of the Oder valley with the densest settlement. In pre and early historic times a densely populated cultural area, it becomes an uninhabitable marsh and primeval forest are in the Middles Ages. Through the construction of Oder dykes, melioration and through ...
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7. The military history of the Oder countryside War memorials and military history

Starting at the Frankfurt Fortification the tour takes you to battlefields of the 18th and 20th century. Zorndorf 1758, Kunersdorf 1759/1945, Seelow 1945, military historical memorial and museum at the Seelower Heights, The fortress at Kstrin, Forts, shooting ranges, trenches, command bases, strategic points, river crossings and bridgeheads, war cemeteries (You will need you passport or ID)



8. From the Fortification in Frankfurt to the Eastern Rampart, a trip into military history

Visit of the »Oder-Warthe-Bogen« one of the most extensive military fortifications of the 20th century in Europe. Use of a modern memorial as a nature reserve. Nearby are the castles of Meseritz and Łagw, as well as the former Cistercian Abbey »Paradies« (paradise).(You will need you passport or ID)



9. Knights with red, white and black crosses

The Sovereigns of Poland, Silesia and Pommerania left vast amounts of land on both sides of the Oder to the knights of the Templar, the Hospitaller and the German Order of Knights. Near Lietzen and Chwarszczany/Quartschen there are some impressive buildings of the courts in which the commanders of these orders resided. Castle Lagow went ...
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10. Old Towns. Castles, Abbeys, pre-historic graves and walled fortifications along the route of the Marshs ice age.

In the current district of Uckermark and Barnim in northeastern Brandenburg the characteristic elements of the ice age landscape was established for the first time by Prussian geologists: ground moraine, end moraine, ...
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11. Natural countryside cultural countryside

Through the Oder marshes to the national park »Unteres Odertal« (Lower Oder valley) and Germanys second largest biosphere reservoir »Schorfheide Chorin«. Both are model landscapes in which natures diversity and cultural wealth are being made available through environmentally friendly tourism. This tour visits the ship hoist in Niederfinow, ...
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12. Castles, Stately Homes and contemporary history in the Oder countryside

The idiosyncratic, pastoral and austere beauty of the Oder marsh countryside and its cultivation can be experience during one of our bus tours. In consultation with the tour guide, different destinations and tour contents can be agreed: for example: A visit to Jahnsfelde, Kuhnersdorf ...
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13. »White Zone« and »Flowering Landscapes«

Zempow is a village situated only 2 kilometres far from the White Zone and even though scientists stated, that nothing is steadily growing, it still exists. We are going to stay for the night in Zempow and after breakfast we take the »Flowering Landscapes« way providing us around the village, helping us to ask ourselves existential questions about future ...
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