Angebot: Frankfurt - Museums


Availability: all year


Groups: minimum 10 people/ maximum 25 people


Includes: Visit/ guided tour


Museum Viadrina

is the cultural historic museum of east Brandenburg. Its main home is in the »Junkerhaus« (Lit donzel house). Since its reopening the permanent collection and specific exhibitions give the opportunity to engage with Frankfurts significance during the Middle Ages, the history of the Alma Mater Viadrina, military historical aspects, Frankfurts rich and famous musical history and the towns development until the 20th century.
Admission: 3 Euros per person


Kleist Museum

is one of the most beautiful literary museums in Europe
(Die Zeit, 2000). It houses the most extensive collection on Kleist in existence and offers lectures, readings and literary-musical events. Exhibition: Heinrich von Kleist (1711 1811): Life-Works-Impression-ViewPoints, literary and culturally changing exhibition; sculptures and graves stones in the garden of the museum.
Admission: 3 Euros per person



In the Sportmuseum you can see an exciting bit of Frankfurts sporting history. Frankfurt has many internationally renown top athletes in many sporting disciplines when it comes to sport, the town is one of the most successful towns in Germany. Here, there are many items on display, such as emotional pictures, many of the trophies and souvenirs of the top athletes such as Manfred Wolke, Henry Maske, Maik Bullmann, Yvonne Bnisch.
Admission: free (donations welcome)




Offer: Frankfurt - Museum Junge Kunst


Availability: All year


Groups: minimum 10 people no maximum


Included: Visit/guided tour


Admission (incl. guided Tour): 10 people or more 3 Euros per person


Location/Dates: Museum Junge Kunst, Townhall Foyer


20 May 5 August 2007

Peter Herrmann (1937) Paintings and Drawings


2 September 2007 6 January 2008

1980 2005 Objects, Sculptures, Installations of the collection of the Museum Junge Kunst, Museum Junge Kunst at the Packhof


15 April 10 June 2007

Heidrun Rueda (1963) Paintings and Drawings


21 June 29 July 2007

Polish Art


12 August 14 October 2007

Daniel Klawitter (1962) Paintings, Drawings, Objects


28 October 30 December 2007

Annemirl Bauer (1939 1989) Museum Junge Kunst, Festsaal


3 June 5 August 2007

Kurt Buchwald (1953), Claus Bach (1956) Objects, Installations, Photography


2 September 2007 6 January 2008

1980 2005: Objects, Sculptures, and Installations from the collection of the Museum Junge Kunst


7 September 2007

short night of Frankfurts fairs/exhibitions





Offer: Working Art Galleries


Availability: February until October Tuesdays Fridays 14.00 18.00


Groups: up to 60 people


Includes: Art Gallery visit
Experience live productions of national and international artists in a working environment of the art gallery »Galerie B. Kunst« in Frankfurt. Here you can look over the artists shoulders and chat to them. If you make an appointment you can even discuss their work in more detail. Between October and December the gallery opens its exhibition »Frankfurter Gesichter« (Frankfurts faces), exhibiting artists from Frankfurt and the region and the art society. Open at the above times.


Admission: free




Offer: Frankfurt - Sociable boats tour on the Oder


Available: 2 May 30 September 2007


Groups: minimum 12 people / maximum 20 people


Includes: Boat trip
Experience an impressive boat tour along the Oder, close to nature, in a motorised »Kahn« (long boat) 14 metres in length. Please remember clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Special tours for clubs or other get togethers can be arranged separately, according to your needs.
Zzgl. buchbar: You can also book refreshments, home baking, and musical accompaniment with accordion (from 100 Euros).
Panorama trip: 1 hour from the isle of Ziegenwerder to the Stadtbrcke, 4.50 Euros per person
3,5 hours Silhouette Tour: various destinations, 11 Euros per person
Refreshments: Home baking and Coffee/Tea from 4.50 Euros per person





Offer: Just Married


Available: all year


Groups: for couples


Accommodation: in a central *** star hotel


Bookings: from 1 night


Kontingent: Double Room


Cancellations: Up to 5 days before arrival


Includes: One overnight stay in a »marital/wedding suite«, including breakfast buffet, a bottle of champagne, flowers, present, four-course Honeymoon Dinner with a bottle of wine, 0.75 litres Mineral Water, coffee, cappuccino, espresso or latte.


Price for two people:
1 night 255,00 Euros
2 nights 353,00 Euros





Offer: Solo for 2


Available: 16 January 1 April 2007
1 April 1 July 2007
1 July 1 September 2007
1 September 31 October 2007
31 October 22 December 2007


Groups: no groups


Accommodation: in a central *** star hotel


Bookings: Book two any two nights during the above period


Kontingent: Single- and Double Room


Cancellations: Up to 3 days before arrival


Includes: Two overnight stays, including breakfast buffet, soft drink minibar, 1 house cocktail on arrival, 1 Candle light dinner with wine as well as entrance to the probably nicest Saunagarten (Sauna) in Brandenburg »Puutarha«: including a relaxing massage, dressing gown, towel, refreshment voucher, transfer.


Price per person/per night:
16 January 1 April 2007,
1 July 1 September 2007,
31 October 22 December 2007
Double Room: 125,00 Euro
Single Room: 179,50 Euro
1 April 1 July 2007,
1 September 31 October 2007
Double Room: 140,00 Euro
Single Room: 197,50 Euro